1. Civic Concept Introduction Series:
Any civilization is in need of, and functions from, Civilization Principles.  The lack thereof, has caused a degradation of man and mankind.  These introductory tools are designed to prepare one with simple concepts of civics for civilization and civilized people. 
  2. Civic History / Ancient Concepts:

The "Bull Inter Cataera --  which describes the Conquest Intent with no uncertain terms;  The story of "Rebecca" with 2 Nations in her womb;  The not so exposed or believed, yet true, "Yaqubian Experiment" (erroneously told as Darwin's Theory);  Great Law of Peace from the Iroquois;  "Treaty of Peace & Friendship", attachment to Organic "Constitution for the United States of America.   

3. Active Civics:
Knowing something and appying it are two different matters.  Once one has come into the knowledge of civilization principles, which are essentially Divine Principles that create common law, it is then necessary to apply the principles to create harmony with man, the earth in which he domciles upon, and the Universe.  This category contains the bulk of booklets offered.  
  4. Zodiac Science Series (Cosmology / Astrology):
From The Cosmos To Me (Cos-Me-To-Logy).  Astrology is the Science of The Universe.  The Zodiac Wheel is a teaching tool to teach children, or initiates, students, the characteristics and energies of Man. It is an elementary elemental and fundamental teaching tool.   
5. Moorish Divine & National Movement Study Tools:
Information, published by Noble Drew Ali, a Universal Prophet, 1913 -- 1929.  One will find, upon review much of it applies to the social climate today.  The lesson provided in the 101's are masterful keys to Uplifting of Humanity.  The "Circle 7 Koran", divinely prepared by Noble Drew Ali, is an oracle regarding every facet of one's life. 
"Moorish Divine and National Movement" booklet includes 3 of the most impacting Civic / Law  directives of Prophet Noble Drew Ali. CLICK FOR CONTENTS / PURCHASE.
  6. Lesson Books:
Moors Heritage Series, in-depth explanation of moors in "Moors Defined"; Indispensable lessons for all Aboriginal / Indigenous people. 
7. Talking Books
Some prefer listening to a book, while traveling, working, doing housework, or homework.  The first 4 Introductory Books are in  "Return To Civilization".  "Are You In Denial Of Your Ancestry?", a must even if you think you are not in denial;   "She Redeems", for everyone, particularly women, guide for her relations and those who relates to and with her.  Talking Books consist of 2 CD's (wav file), professionally packaged. 
  8. Audio Lectures on CD
Lectures on CD thus far are "Woman, Her Sons & Government", includes history here in North America.  A candid recording, "Dangers Of The U.C.C.", recorded in Hartford, Connecticut.  Much of our classes in New York, are available on "Harlem Rising Internet Radio". 
9. Identification Cards & Re-Prints

National Identification Card is a Writ Constructed in Allodial Character.  Not issued under club, association, agency, corporation, or private membership.  It is a universal civic tool. NOT unlawful, not Fraudulent.  Affirmed in USC 1028 and 1508 in Attorney Generals manuals.
Right To Tavel Card.
Traveling is a 
'Personal Liberty' not to be confused with "Commercial Driving".

Student Card.  If you have attended any classes via various venues or are studying this site, you are a Student of Moors Heritage and History School (MHHS).  A great secondary ID.

BE SURE TO SEND APPLICATION WITH THE NECESSARY INFORMATION TO ESTABLISH YOUR CARD(s).  It is found at the very bottom of the National ID and Proclamation page.  We suggest you read that page in its entirety, if you have not already done so.  You can send the application either mail or email.
All inquiries regarding card(s) are to be sent to rvbeynatcard@gmail.com


  10. Congressional Records

From Time to time, we will provide congressional records in Lesson Book format 8.5 x 11 for your review of the facts that formed certain Acts made by governing administrations.  These records are vey unveiling as to where, what and who an action was determined, which assist in knowing where, what and who it was established for.  Often time it becomes clear that they were NOT meant for the natural people.  Because they are copies out of the congressional records, they are usually in small print.


Astrology Classes designed to teach the fundamentals of Astrology as it relates universally to you and your navigation chart on this earth plane and beyond.

Corresponding email for all Astrology Classes is: rvbey2020@yahoo.com

  12. Join Live Classes Weekly

After completing 12 years of Civic classes every Wednesday at New York from 2006 - 2012, and currently broadcasting 5 different active Programs on MHHS - Eyes Wide Open Blog Talk Radio Broadcast, we introduced and completed a virtual Astrology Class entitled "Take Yourself Under Consideration"We now introduce Civic Classes entitled "Take Your Place Amongst the Affairs of Man" on our new GoToMeeting Platform every Wednesday, offering a discount to those who have a MHHS Student card.

13. Civic Recorded Classes
This category includes our Recorded Civic Classes given on our Virtual Visual "GoTo Meeting" platform.  All Recordings will be sent via .wmv files to the email you provide on your order.
  14. Proclamation Sealings
To Declare your Nationality / Status is the first thing one must do and is the first issue at Law - "Who are the Parties".  To Declare means to "be clear".  To Proclaim means it is written and is a Lawful Notice, a Public Notice.  We provide you with 7 Locations to give "Lawful Notice" to and a cover sheet to accompany it.  Your Proclamations are not a contract with RV Bey Publications or with anyone, for that matter, it is YOU making a "Lawful Notice".  In these days and times and with however we choose to disseminate the barage of chaotic happenings, it has already been stated "If you do NOTHING else, Declare YOUR Nationality, in this seemingly "new era" of time, you must Proclaim YOUR National name.  More importantly you must simply "Be Yourself".  All Inquiries regarding Proclamations are to be sent to rvbeyorders@gmail.com
16. Monthly Presentments
We provide various special presentments as we build and UNITE with those who are in the same direction.  We begin uniting Asia, one block at a time.  Sister Kareemah is a Moorish Adept Master Alchemist, Eastern Philosopher and an astute CODGS bonified  Master (Clock of Destiny Great Seal).  She is a Student of the Universe, as we all are.  Her presentments are awesome, we here at RV Bey Publications and Presentments are Students of her Sophia.  We trust you will be too.
  Circle 7 Courses

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