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33 Questions For Children
This is not just for your Children.  Anyone who doesn't know and is a student, is a child.  It presents a clear understanding of political history absolutely necessary for civilized people.
  Price $5.00 

8th Grade Final Test -- 1895
A Public School 8th grade FINAL exam 1895.  No need to ask what happened to the public education system.  If your parents received this 8th grade education, they were well educated.
  Price $5.00 

Addressing Misunderstandings
In this time when consciousness i rising regarding History, Heritage and Truth,this booklet is a MUST READ.  Designed to address misunderstandings regarding Sheik Sharif Abdul Ali (Noble Drew Ali) and the Moorish Divine and National Movement of the World.  If you are looking to clear up concepts and answer questions, this book is for you. 

  Price $9.00 

Astarte (Easter)
The relationship of Women and Easter -- Esther, Ashtar, Ishtar, Isis.  The movement of the Star In The East Eastern Star, which marks the beginning of Spring (Spring Equinox). 
  Price $5.00 

Back To Constitutional Fold
What went down in the Moorish Science Temple of America to cause divisions.  Review of the FBI investigation.

  Price $5.00 

Confused About Taxes
Discovering what Taxes are, and what they are not, is not so difficult.  Excise Tax.  Do you know what they are, and do they apply to YOU?
  Price $5.00 

Correcting Position of IRS
 Anaidah El's studies have led her into an absolute gift of understanding’ as it relates to the unlawful practice of escheating the natural people of their labor, energy, and property.  There is probably no other corporation in which the people are unlawfully relieved of their possessions by their own (unknowing) consent, then that of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Social Security Network (SSN). 


  Price $12.00 

Drivers License Fraud
If we were to exercise our "Rights To Travel" collectively, our pockets would be fuller, and those who have been leeching from us would be eliminated GREATLY!  The gang-rape that occurs is extortion and conspiracy from DMV's, "Insurance Surcharge AGENCIES, and Colorable Courts.  Shame on Us for allowing such Robbery.
  Price $5.00 

How & Why Not Utilize W-4
Your pink slip to the corporate game of Taxes, Social Security and the forcing of utilizing Attorneys, who are officers of the Court, therefore are obligated to the Court and not to you! 
  Price $5.00 

How To Study
During these times when we recognize juut how much we were NOT educated, it is important to obtain the keys on 'How To Study', as we have a lot of catching up to do.
  Price $5.00 

Moors & Mexicans
Many ask "why are there so many "Mexicans"  in California and Texas, etc.  The answer is because this is Mexico-- Amexem.
  Price $5.00 

Nomen Substantivum
The essence and meaning of a name (nomen).  "Honor your Mothers and Fathers by name and principles.
  Price $5.00 

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