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A Woman Called Rebecca
A beautiful story of the Matriarch in America, long before Columbus.  Biblical References.  -- A MUST, especially for women.

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Biography Of The Moors
A Brief Biography of what happened to the Moors in America, who now answer to the labels  "Negroes, Coloreds, Blacks, etc., after reconstruction.

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Inter Caetera Divina - Conquest Intent
A Bulla (1493) explaining the true intent of the Colonist, Conquistadors, Inquisitionist (Christian Crusders), who upon arrival in the already inhabited lands of America  -- North, South, Central and the adjoining Islands, found peole who were dark-skinned", didn't eat meat.  They wanted to convert them to their "Christian Faith".   Accomplished through murder and rape a successful usurpation of the aboriginal people and their lands.  Also includes "Exploration of North America from Columbia Encyclopedia.

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Iroquois Confederation (Great Law Of Peace)
The Great Law of Peace and the compelling address to the United Nations to save the Land and save the Children.-- We must return back to the mindsets of our ancient Mothers and Fathers.  When we come as ONE, it shall be done. 

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Magna Carta

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Moorish Divine & National Movement:
Three Major Writings by Noble Drew Ali; "Message To America", "Divine Warning For The Nations" and "Plea To America."
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Treaty of Peace & Friendship:
Treaty entered into prior to adoption of the Constitituion for the United States of America Republic.  Proof of descent of those who erroneously call themselves by labels of negro, colored, black, African-American, etc.
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U.S. Republic Constitution
The Constitution consist only of 7 Articles and 10 Bill of Rights.  The people for which the Constitition contract was written and authorized for, does not have the authority to amend it. 
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Yaqub's Experiment
Truth is stranger than fiction, yet Truth needs no apology, and it does not pass away.  A Brief regarding the story of Darwin's "Theory", told from a different perspective.  There never was a missing link.  SEE:  "The Nigger Problem" for a full comprehensive study.
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