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1. Civic Concept Introduction Series:
2. Civic History / Ancient Concepts:
3. Active Civics:
4. Zodiac Science Series (Cosmology / Astrology):
5. Moorish Divine & National Movement Study Tools:
6. Lesson Books:
7. Talking Books
8. Audio Lectures on CD
9. Identification Cards
10. Congressional Records

All Three Cards

In acquiring all three cards, we recognize your commitment and obligation to yourself , Your Nation and the Moors Divine and National Movement of the World and it's Universal and Rotarian complexion.  We thank you for your assistance in uplifting fallen humanity, more importantly the Universe Thanks You.

All inquiries regarding card(s) are to be sent to


BE SURE TO SEND US THE APPLICATION WITH NECESSARY INFORMATION TO ESTABLISH YOUR CARD(s).  It is found at the very bottom of the National ID and Proclamation page.  You can send it either mail or email. 

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