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1. Civic Concept Introduction Series:
2. Civic History / Ancient Concepts:
3. Active Civics:
4. Zodiac Science Series (Cosmology / Astrology):
5. Moorish Divine & National Movement Study Tools:
6. Lesson Books:
7. Talking Books
8. Audio Lectures on CD
9. Identification Cards & Re-Prints
10. Congressional Records
12. Join Live Classes Weekly
13. Civic Recorded Classes
14. Proclamation Sealings
16. Monthly Presentments

INlightened Asiatic the world hears, learns and knows the Truth, there is a call out

“Come ye Asiatics”


Bring your KNOWledge, Wisdom, and INsight to the on-line Study and Build sessions with Kareemah Bey every 3rd Monday of each Month @ 7:00 pm EST. 

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