—Delamar Duverus

(quoted in “Behold A Pale Horse by the late Milton William Cooper)


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This page has been established to address the accusations, inconsistencies and the Avalanche of Lies that are being Heaped Upon Moors Daily, just as Prophet Noble Drew Ali said they would be in these days and times.  It also will address another Prophecy made by Prophet Noble Drew Ali and that is "Be careful Moors, some of your own wearing Turbans and Fezzes, will put you back into slavery".  

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Posted 5/30/18

History Repeats Itself - When You Don't Know History
Sticking with Heritage and History of Moors of the World, thus Divine and National Movement of the World.


Who goes there to bring forth mis-information? Only the unstudied, the anxious and the emotional and that is DANGEROUS especially in these days and times.  Who does NOT put their Trust in the actions and deeds of THEIR foremothers and forefathers? The United States of America was ACTUALLY established as a company when they received their Independence from the British at the Treaty of Paris in 1783.  They were recognized after a 7-year war that took place BECAUSE they asked for independence as a COMPANY from the British, who clearly did NOT want them to be an Independent Company.  Can't blame them colonist, they were treated very badly by the British - Brutish Moors.  Be clear that the Constitution of 1774 that the Prophet spoke of is the "Articles of Association of 1774", wherein at that time theywere called the United Colonies of New England where they named themselves that by way of their  “Articles of Confederation 1643”.


They came to the EXISTING - EXISTING – EXISTING Continental Congress at Philadelphia on 9/5/1774 and that is where and when they became associated officially or formerly with the Moors of Al Moroc on the Moroccan / American soil. That document CLEARLY shows who we were /are and who they were /are.  At that point, they were called the United Colonies of New England and they CHANGED their COMPANY name to the "United States of America" before receiving their Independence. This name change happened in 1777 under the Articles of Confederation 1777, however, if you believe they received their Independence in 1776, you may not be able to connect the dots and that is why study is IMPORTANT. 


The Colonist intent was to do commerce to save themselves.  (Read Letter from George Washington to the Sultan of Morocco 1789).  In that letter they are thanking Moors for their assistance and are hoping they would be useful to produce merchandise / product for themselves.  The Treaty of Peace and Friendship 1787 allowed them to sail the seas to engage in commerce and PROTECTED THEM on the Seas.  Think of it as hiring a security company or bouncers at your party to keep everyone safe.  Many have this relationship reversed because they think, in error, that the Treaty was for the purpose of protecting Moors, when in FACT it was established to protect the foreign Christian Powers, known as the United States of America, on the seas.  Therefore, any Consuls appointed at Consul Post  / Consular Courts, were also for FOREIGNERS. 



The colonist were interested in commerce then and are interested in commerce now.  KNOW that they are a company operating on the Moroccan / American soil.  All historical documents proves this as FACT! on the record, for the record and let the reflect.  They know they are what THEIR foremothers and forefathers were / are.  Why don't you know the same about YOUR foremothers and forefathers as it relates to Heritage and History of the World, as you have an ILLUSTRIOUS history that goes beyond the forming of the United States of America and it is NOT taught in public schools, in which most of us attended over the past several generations. 



The Constitution is the LAW OF THE LAND and the '7' ARTICLES delegate what ANY company operating on the land can and cannot do as PRIVILEGES.  The Bill of Rights secures, protects and preserves the Rights / Liberties of the Natural People.  The Constitution is "DUE PROCESS". Oops!!!  It SEEMS 'they' are violating it, and SO ARE YOU!!  Yet, your violating it is a greater travesty then theirs.  Mis-informaton, mis-guidance into new processes is a sub-traction, just as foolishness and folly is a dis-traction and all seems to affect any forward good - traction.  The United States of America is a union and those who are members of it, are the States.  Those who did not join the union are Municipal Corporations and STILL any and all must follow the law of the land.  The people need to know their relationship to the land, to the law of the land and ENFORCE it as Due Process and STOP looking for NEW Processes, new IDEAS, new Clubs and memberships.  If you join a group by membership or otherwise, no problem, enter as who you are, and if you decide to terminate your association or  membership, leave as who you are because no one can make you who are because no one can change your decent nature.  Trust and have faith in yourself and if you are looking for a Saviour - look within. 



Because the United States of America is a company / corporation / union, then of course it has a President who is elected every 4 years.  They do not hide this as they always have their "State of the Union Address".  Wake up sleepy heads and take YOUR place amongst the affairs of man and don't forget to link YOURSELF back to the Family of Nations and not to the family of States or Municipalities, cities, townships or burroughs. Remember Hillary Clinton in 2012 (then Secretary of the State Department, meaning Secretary over all the State Secretaries;  said publicly that the first Nation to recognize the USA was Morocco and she qualified it by saying it happened in 1787, for all those who think in error that she meant the Moroccan Kingdom, as it was established in late 1956 - 57.  Wake Up sleepy heads, If you would just get to thinking you would at least begin to free yourself from all the yokes and traps, as this is a mental slavery due to lack of knowledge and definitely lack of knowledge of self.


LASTLY, A Republican form of government is ALREADY guaranteed by Article IV - Sec. 4 FOR ANY operation upon this land.  To think we have to start another one is a disgrace to the deeds and action of OUR foremothers and forefathers and clear proof that we do not know the law of the Land that we claim to be superiorly aboriginal to.  The United Nations has ALREADY acknowledged the same and there is nothing else for them to say outside of the "Rights of Indigenous People".  Yet, many are wanting to create new processes.  You have all you need to save an entire nation, but FIRST you HAVE to save yourself, then we all would be in the same direction and meet on the same road. With that, we would find this travesty can be over with seemingly over-night, as it is a breakfast fight at that point.  Enforcing the law of the land keeps "other citizens" from molesting you.   Funny thing, many are being molested.  Possibly because we have no trust in the deeds of our own foremothers and fathers, and that will, and has brought upon us all divine retribution.  Therefore, my fellow MUFTI's - (Mohammaden Judges) and Beys - (Law enforcers), we have EVERYTHING NEEDED TO SAVE this hard-hearted and rebellious Nation, and with that we gain back our Heritage and our (seemingly) lost estate in a conflict that cannot be told in words.  It has already been said, it has already been done.  These are the days of decision for YOU


"Careful Moors some wearing turbans and Fezzes will put you back in SLAVERY"
 -- Prophet Noble Drew Ali


We add:  Some NOT wearing a Turban or a Fez, will also put you back into slavery.
Once you know, you shall no moor allow it. 




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We Thank You For Your Patience
During our recent Technical Difficulty. 
We Look Forward to Your Continued Interest and Activity and
Thank You For Your Support  - However, the Universe Thanks You More!!


One of the interesting things that came moor clear to us during our 24 hr down time, was transparent exposure to under-handed activities.  We found some of the family took advantage of the opportunity in assuming we were out of business and made a full flyer that posted us as "Out of Business" AND they took joy and responsibility for us being down.  They said if we come back up "THEY" would shut us down again.. mmm....  and mentioned how now they can disperse the proper lessons of Prophet Noble Drew Ali.  We found this very interesting because for one, those lessons have been out for over 100 years; 2.  We honor and respect those same lessons, and; 3.  Why weren't they dispersing the lessons all along whether we were existing or not? mmm..... In fact, we thought, if they spent their time dispersing those lessons, they may not have time to slander anyone.  Clearly they are NOT with R.V. Bey Publications.  In case we thought there were some other reasoning in the slander, thanks for letting us know it is pure unadulterated lower self hatred, slander, and all things that harm that navigates their human Temple, which is what the prophet came to help uplift fallen humanity from, and is a violation of Act 3 in those same By-Laws of the association.  Some need to either get a new navigator or a new body (Temple). 


We also found a group who put a message on facebook:  "Since R.V. Bey is down, send all of your papers to us."  They were talking about proclamations in process intended to be sent to R.V. Bey and affiliates.  Now that was a straight up "Re-direct."  It reverberates as we speak, as some are STILL confused about where to send them.  That was a classic "Causing Confusion". 


People often ask why does it seem that Moors are not united? and they come up thinking they will be the ones to "bring the unity."  Many are united in thought, in spirit and in deed, possibly some do not have eyes to see them and some do not want to be seen, however that does not mean the energy of the unified messages cannot be heard.  We recognize the answer in part to that question was served to us all from the universe.  It is about the mindset, about the mental slavery.  As the Prophet said it is not money, but national principles that make the man. 

Definiton of Unity:  In the law of estates....  Stop right there, let's go no further.  If you still call yourself negroe, colored or black OR act and think in the mindset of negroe, colored and black, then you will never find unity because status and estate mean the same thing. 

 "You will gain back your heritage and your lost estate in a conflict that cannot be told in words.
-- Prophet Noble Drew Ali (Chapter 1 - Circle 7 Holy Koran)


Lastly, we appreciate all support and sincere Love, however we also found that some say they are authorized affiliates of R.V. Bey Publications, of which we had no knowledge of.


Our Affiliates are:

  • Moors Heritage and History School
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  • Moorish Nation Public Records
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Under Umbrella of "The Moors Divine and National Movement of the World" and Bill of Right #1.


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Posted 5/23/18


Clairifying Reason to Send to '7' Locations


It has been brought to our attention (in error) that our purpose for suggesting you send "Notice" to the 7 Locations in regards to your Proclamations and Name Corrections was to  INTERFERE with the trade on the Stock MarketThumbsdown1.jpg That is NOT the reason to send "Notice" to the 7 Locations.  What happens on the stock market is relative to commerce.  Birthright theft has NOTHING to do with commerce, as it is about blood-line and lineal descent, the proclaiming of your National Status and allegiance, which sets the stage for all other matters in your life.  Below is the reason as suggested and written by Taj Tarik Bey, of which we found to be proper, accountable and Lawful as it relates to "Notice". 

 Due to the fact that the Union States’ Corporate - State Agencies and Quasi-Government agencies have instituted the ‘Colorable’ practices of Birthrights theft, it is in the Natural Persons’ best interest to Notify or to Give Declaratory Affidavits of Facts to all parties of interest. These shall serve as Notice to Principles and to Agents, that there shall be no assumed jurisdiction in matters concerning Moorish American Nationals. -- by Taj Tarik Bey

 .."All Moors must declare their nationality....In these days and times Moors must Proclaim* their National Name."...
Prophet Noble Drew Ali - Act. 6 (in part).
*Proclaim:   To Publish, to make known

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Moors Are NOT a part of any "Sovereign Citizen Movement"

This video analect was put together by Rami Salaam El, and was long overdue to be posted.  We thank him much for his due diligence.  


This video is for ANYONE you hear speaking about Moors/Moorish Americans, Taj Tarik Bey, Rvbeypublications, or any active righteous Moors being Sovereign citizens (or teaching it). Send this to them and demand a response from them. Demand proof of what they are claiming.
In these days and times, it is time we hold people accountable. If they accuse someone PUBLICLY of something, they need to provide the proof. And if they can't, they need to make a PUBLIC apology. And if they can't do that, then you should no longer even entertain a word they have to say.
Peace and Love
Rami Salaam El


.....For Continued Article Click Here

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Analect 2:  Posted 10/30/16 



Why Moors or any Natural Flesh and Blood Being
CANNOT Register or utilize Vital Statistics.


Many think they must Register their Status Correction, or 'Name' Correction and Judicial Notice and Proclamation.  Thus, some have established a Moorish Vital Statistics (We like to call it the "MVS").  Others may have created Registries and are telling you that you must be registered.  No one has asked where the registry is being Registered?  Vital Statistics may appear to be a branch of the County, municipallity or state, et al.  However, it has its origins in the Church wherein the records of births of members / citizens of  each 'union state' was recorded for the church and it is still that way today, even though many think church and state are seperated.  The current day preachers, pastors, reverends, etc., come out of their general clergy and step into secular clergy and report all marriages, making sure the marriage license that you retrieved from the local municipality or county  is filled out and registered as property / members of the state.  If you have children from that marriage, they must also be registered by default, beginning with the Birth Certificate, which is an instrument that proves human trafficking.  See our article "About the Marriage License".  This reporting is done under a Quasi-National and municipal domicile, as that is what the church is also under to this day, particuarly and especially those who have 501C's, etc.  In fact the municipality is a religious organization with minsiters who attend to the people and ministerial meeting rooms that they call courts, yet they are merely ministerial possessing NO judicial authority.  They act as they do, just like an Actor who was playing a part, except this is a part of the real life illusion, the people keep alive by having faith in it.


"Ministerial officers are incompetent to receive grants of judicial power from the legislature, their acts in attempting to

exercise such powers are necessarily nullities."  Burns v. Sup., Ct., SF, 140 Cal. 1.


"When acting to enforce a statute and its subsequent amendments to the present date, the judge of the municipal court is acting as

an administrative officer and not in a judicial capacity; courts in administering or enforcing statutes do not act judicially, but merely ministerially".  

Thompson v. Smith, 154 SE 583. 


The Preachers, Reverends, Pastors, first get set up as a church after receiving permission through a  license or a 501C..3, which provides they do not have to pay taxes. The 501C... series or whatever assigned letter or number they have altered it to today, is their thank you for reporting and registering their congregation and the congregations' family under the corporate jurisdiction.  For that service, not only does the church not have to pay taxes, they also cannot speak of civics, human rights, Law of the Land, etc., because it is a permission from a corporation.  Yet, during election time they are asked to encourage the people of their congregation to vote for whoever they are instructed to push to win with the poll votes of the congregation.  As a special note:  Most churches have had the full control of the donation plate, however, lately,  because finances are getting tight, they have had to report their donation plate as well, other stipulations have been added to certain donations made to the churches operating under 501C's. The donation plate scrutiny started approximately 5 years ago in most churches. 


In short, registering is something you do with items, and property, not with flesh and blood beings. It is a means of your agreement to redefine your status and place you under jurisdiction of  a quasi-national domicile, of which all states are quasi-national domiciles.  They are NOT a National domicile or jurisdiction.  Thus the beginning of confusion and truth and falsehood being strangely mixed for one who says they are an aboriginal and indigenous of a nation or family, and then agrees to quasi-national activities.  That ought be enough to wake you up and start to thinking so you can free yourself.  It is clear that many do not know what Proclaiming really is and how a Proclamation relates to a Lawful Notice, or even what a Lawful Notice is. Law is Notice.


Both the Registering, and Vital Statistics have their origins in a Feudal system and feudal Law.  Feudal Systems have their origins in european 'styled' governments.  You don't have to beleive us - Look it up for yourself!! 




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. F.E.A.R.

F.E.A.R. (Fale Evidence Appearing Real), is the #1 Tactic utilized in the Media and in Meeting or Hearing Rooms, as they are NOT courts.  They use it to deter the natural people from enforcing their inalienable / unalineable birthrights  Liberties.  Think about it, why would anyone have to deal with obvious violations against them, by what is said to be "the Government".  One reason is because they are NOT the government, and even if you thought they were, it is WELL KNOWN, even advertised by them, that they are corporations and corporations have no realtionship or parity with the real flesh and blood beings.  If they were operating as government enttieis, their purpose would be to protect,  secure, and preserve the Rights of the natural people.  CLEARLY, that is not what is being done.


Some time Back, we became aware of some Moors who were adhering to the process of James McBride, a modern european who said he was operating the Divine Province, under the athority of the Vatican.  That ought to have been enough said right there, but it wasn't, even though warned, Some Moors continue to participate.  McBride was creating documentation to be sent out as Lawful Notice, and Identification cards, according tohim, this being done under the authority of the Vatican.  Although, it ought to hae been a clar signal to STOP!!!!, do not pass go on this one, do not continue with such process.  Yet, it was not, due to lack of knowing and will of wantin gto be free from vioaltions.  Consequently McBride did get charged with Fraud and with creating false ID's.  He said the ID's come from the same authoirty of the Vatican and that the people were Ambassadors.  Well enough said.  We know that his charge and conviction would be valid, and because it sounds much the same like what we are doing with assiting with Moors Declaring and Proclaiming and establishing ID's, it just may sway some people to believe the same in regards to us, however that is not true for obvious reasons already established.  You can find lawful support of that on the "National Identifcation card and Proclamation" page.  As for McBride, the Vatican would not authorize such activity, as they were in conjunction with the corporate governments, of which they themselves have since abandoned publicly starting with the Motu Propria of 2012 and 2014 and the visit this past Fall Equinox to the Congress floor to inform them they are but foreigners and Aliens.  The Pope, representing the Vatican gave a speech in Enlgish on the Congress floor, of which, you can call up on the net and listen to it for yourself to to verify this truth. We also have it on MHHS facebook page, which is an open facebook.



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posted 8/5/16

Who’s Hands Have Blood On Them?


Recently, on Facebook, this first week of August, notes were posted in regards to a Sister who was fatally shot, and her small child shot and injured, at their home near corporate Baltimore, by Policy Enforcers over a traffic stop!!. They came to her home with a so-called warrant, after the traffic stop, which is ex post facto. 


If a Municipality sends their policy enforcers with a warrant, it is called a “Municipal Warrant”.  A Municipal Warrant is a “Bill of Attainder’ and Bills of Attainders are forbidden for both the Congress and the State to create.  Article 1 Section 9 and 10 of the American National Constitution of 1791, of which ALL people and entities derive authority from on this American Land.


No bill of attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed Article 1 Section 9


No state shall enter into any treaty, alliance, or confederation; grant letters of marque and reprisal; coin money; emit bills of credit; make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts; pass any bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law impairing the obligation of contracts, or grant any title of nobility.  Article 1 Section 10


Municipal Warrant:  A municipal warrant or order is an instrument, generally in the form of a bill of exchange, drawn by an officer of a municipality upon its treasurer, directing him to pay an amount of money specified therein to the person named or his order, or to bearer. 15 Amer. & Eng. Enc. Law, 1206.


Bills of Attainder are forbidden to be created by States, or any entities of a state, and any enclave, agency, association, etc., registered under a State.   You must recognize these facts, just as any Arrest Warrant and or Search Warrant is described as to what it is, and what it looks like, in Article IV.  Upon reviewing it, you will see it is NOT computer generated, as it MUST have a Raised Seal and signature of a Judge -  a ‘real’ Judge.  What is that you say?  An ‘Article 3’ Judge, of which the defines and obligations of same are described in Article 3, as well as in Article VI.  The Warrant also MUST have an attached Sworn Affidavit.  Why, you say?  Because in order for there to be any action taken by any so-called Law Enforcer, there must be a Complainant / Accuser and or Injured Party, and that Complainant must bring to light the nature of the complaint in written form, signed as a Sworn affidavit.  In order for their to be any action taken in regards to a crime there MUST be an injured party (of which traffic infractions, if any, are not a crime), and the same goes that a sworn affidavit describing such injury of the injured party, MUST exist and be attached to any Warrant.  It is then carried out via Due Process of Law and NOT arbitrarily decided and created  by municipal employees.


For a crime to exist, there must be an injured party (Corpus Delicti) There can be no sanction or penalty imposed on one because of this Constitutional right. Sherer v. Cullen 481 F. 945:    


Those are the explicit limited obligations of a State, described to ensure the people are not exploited by others, ESPECIALLY by corporations.  Therefore, the question to ask is:  Have the Municipalities gone rogue?; and, have the States in which they are supposed to be registered under or contracted out to work for, turned a ‘blind eye’?  Turning a blind eye is easy to do when the people themselves are blind.


The Sister, and many, many others, died without a crime being committed and the blood of them is on the hands of the municipal employees security guards or Roman Soldiers, or Klu Klux Klan members who have infiltrated law enforcement via municipal venues, according to the FBI reports, yet the face book poster(s) and the Grand Sheiks of certain infiltrated, out of order MSTA Temples, have not pointed a finger at them, or threatened to check them for it.  You do the Math on that, as it sounds and smells cowardice.


Additionally, what disturbed us, is that other Moors, have posted that the blood of this Sister is on OUR hands because we have directed the people to look up and review “Delegation of Authority”, for their improvement  and overstanding of Law, which is in the Constitution under Article 3, which deals with Judicial Authority and “Diversity of Citizenship”.  The entire constitution is based on the diversity of the people and their citizenship.  The American National Constitution of 1791, is what brought the Union States into the fold of government in the first place.  Many of the descendants of the modern Europeans, and anyone who works for the union states / colonist, are, or are acting as, Roman soldiers seated in a Municipal Venue, hired to protect THEIR Venue, which are not operating as, or under the Republic State, but are corporations that abandoned their constitutional obligations and formed as corporations using derivatives of the state names.  i.e. New York State – State of New York, wherein if you look at the papers they generate and the pseudo charging documents, it will say the ‘State of ‘ verses you.  Therefore, these facts are not hidden by them.  It is that the unsuspecting, unknowledgeable people do not know and the people are in truth held accountable for  allowing imposters into their lives to rape them of their liberties.  Thus, the people do need to wake up quickly. 


The Union States decided around 1870 that they wanted to participate in commerce as corporations instead of in government, as governmental entities, and since they have no product to sell, they devised a psuedo (not real, not real evidence), to make the people their commodity, and the people believed it out of lack of knowledge and mental inadequacies regarding knowledge or knowing or being Noble, as Noble means to know.  This was done in the spirit of intentional deceit and conspiracy to extort, both being highly penal if you are a government entity. Since they are not, it makes ANY instrument coming from them Void and upon them enforcing or forcing same, it makes them participants in human trafficking and genocide, which is an International Crime, a crime of genocide.  As  corporations, they are NOT government, and their municipal employees have NO authority to compel authority against the natural people, as a corporation has no parity with the real.



Adminstrator’s defined government succinctly.  “Governments are corporations”, in as much as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, a creature of the mind only, a government can deal only with artificial persons.  The imaginary, having no reality or substance cannot create or attain parity with the real.  Penhallow V. Doane’s,



Good thing that no matter who is who and what is what, ALL people and entities, including corporations, occupying and or operating on this American land estate, are under the obligation of the Law of the Land and derive their limited, if any authority from it.


State Governments are but Trustees with a derived Authority 4 Wheat 402


That is what makes the enforcing of it beautiful in its nature, as in doing so, no one is molested.  Thus, the supreme issue is to enforce the Constitution for the United States of America, written so “other citizens” would not molest you.


Whoever is asking  “What is a Delegation of Authority”, has just exposed that they are NOT enforcing the Constitution, which was established for the United States of America, consisting of ALL the Union States, who derive their limited authority from it.  To all the Grand Sheiks, who ask what it is, you now know, if you did not before, that they do not study the Constitution, nor do they enforce it, yet they were instructed to do so by Prophet Noble Drew Ali, of which they say they are doing his work.  It is CLEAR – THEY ARE NOT!!  So they are a private club, association, etc., and ought leave other people alone as they know, or ought to know by the Prophet’s teaching, that “NO ONE can change another’s descent nature” and they ought to know that one’s blood line and descent nature does not come from ANY institution, i.e. any M.S.T.A..  They are to teach about Nationality and Birthrights, obtained at BIRTH, by the act of their Mother giving birth to them, or in other words, “man was formed in the flesh and departed from (her) flesh”. It is also instructed that All members within the Temple, MUST proclaim their Nationality.  The Institution does NOT GIVE that to them, it assist in the teachings for them to Declare and Proclaim it.  Institutions do NOT create the Cause, the ‘Cause’ creates the institutions. 


The fact that these private security guards work for, and have a duty to protect corporations, and DO NOT respect Nature or Law, and are hired by municipal corporations and their Institutions, which are NOT government, ought be clear by now to ANYONE who has studied, as the Prophet suggested they do thrice times over.  So you figure out who these people are that are saying they have your best interest in heart, both municipal employees and Moors, we call ‘dirty Moors’, who make horrible accusations and threats; and figure out what and who they are REALLY protecting. 


What we have NEVER done is told anyone to ask for a Delegation of Authority at a traffic stop and that is what the “dirty Moor” said we do, here at R.V. Bey Publications.  In fact, he and Grand Sheiks of Temples used that as the foundation of their attack. Which is also disrespectful to the Sister and her child, to have to have such discussion. At any rate, we do not tell people to ask for a Delegation at a traffic stop.  That is something to take up in your subsequent written claim at the Federal Level, and NOT on or at a traffic stop with municipal employees who are NOT trained in Law, nor do they have any interest in upholding the law, although they say they are Law Enforcers and they Lie and say they are giving YOU a lawful order, when they are NOT!!. 


The person in their audio post also said do not listen to us, to listen to someone else???, or otherwise “do it yourself”;  Well now they are talking, because we are all about the people becoming proficient enough in Law to know and do it themselves because we know the Roman Soldiers, working for municipalities and institutions, supposedly speaking and acting on behalf of the state, are coming for them with the quickness.  Therefore, telling the people to not listen to us and to do it themselves, is a contradiction on their part where we are concerned.


Strangely, the audio face book poster, nor any of the Grand Sheiks made any accusations of blood being on the hands of the policy enforcers, who in plain site for all to see, murder the people on the highways and byways.  Nor do they make them a target personally or otherwise.  Yet they want to make us, at R.V. Bey Publications a target and blame us.  That is cowardice of them and it is clear their intention is to target us.  You do the Math on that.


Because we provide information to support one’s study, study, study, to show themselves approved, it is also clear that those people making these post, audio and otherwise, at the very least have an agenda of their own, which is CLEARLY against us and seems to be to infiltrate and distract from valuable information being shared, because, as they said, they can do it better in a more disciplined manner.  If that is the case, then continue your work towards that.  As we can all only do what portion we can do on this Platform to “uplift fallen humanity and bring the people back into the constitutional fold of government, so they can take their place amongst the affairs of man”.   We know for a fact that ego often gets in the way of the unity of family.  You, the reader, do the math on that.


Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice to all who have ears to hear and eyes to see. 
For those who do not, soon if not sooner, you may lose both forever.



Note:  There was a Blog Broadcast in relationship to this particular issue last night, Thursday, August 4th on the Amazight Bey Show (657) 383-0501, which can be obtained via the archives there.



R.V. Bey Publications “Shoveling Out From Under the Avalanche of Lies” Series 2016.


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posted 8/2/16

NOTE:  We posted this before we discovered that the infiltrators who made accusations that we sell sovereignty packages, were talking about Identification cards of which we provide 3:  1.  A National Identificaiton card; 2.  Road Travel card and;  3. Student card, of which can obtained seperately or at the same time.   They are Identification cards - not packages.  It is very interesting that if anyone were to get an identifiction and a drivers license and a school ID from a corporation or institution, they do not call them a package.  Wake up and smell the roses and the coffee. .mmm....

R.V. Bey Publications DOES NOT provide,


Recently, on Facebook, someone posted that a Moor who had his window busted out and then was tazed, did everything correct after buying a "Sovereignty Package" from R.V. Bey Publications at the cost of $199.  This is false information because R.V. Bey Publications does not sell Sovereignty packages, or any packages; does not sell sovereignty, as Sovereignty is not for sale.  We deal with Birthrights - Rights of birth, which also are NOT for sale and are embued in the Protocols of Law as a protection from YOUR ancestors, foremothers and fathers and founders of civilization and civilization principles and of and from the universe;  to preserve YOUR Rights of Birth against invasion by "other citizens", who occupy the American land.  That was and is the purpose of the American National Constitution of 1791, provided it is enforced by the PEOPLE themselves.  If so, many of the atrocities of those feigning to be law enforcement, would NOT exist today.  Many, if not all, who say they are Law Enforcers, carrying guns, do not re-spect Law.  That means they do not even 'look' at law, instead they enforce private policies as police-men /women and enforce statutes, of which both are NOT law!!  The people in their daily travels have become nothing but prey, on the public highways and byways for 'highwaymen' to generate finance UNLAWFULLY.  It IS just that simple.  


As well, the post notes via Facebook says the victim who was traveling on the highways and byways, followed a Moorish Manual???, of which we are not aware of any such manual.  Although it seems he put up some document onto the side window for the policy enforcer to view, that possibly had some "Sovereign Citizenship" jargon on it, which is improper to do;  yet, either way, no one deserves to have their property destroyed, or confiscated (stolen), nor do they deserve to be tazed, to sustain bodily harm, to be imprisoned, or to die for failure to have a driver' instrument that is for those who are doing COMMERCE ONLY, meaning carrying cargo, goods and / or passengers.  Even with that, they are still prey for the unlawful predators, because they (policemen and their supervisors and municipal employers, inclusive of their CEO, which is the Mayor) are NOT enforcing law.  This is not meant as a disrespect to those who may be "good cops", or 'good people', this is a matter of fact of law, by those being good or not, to recognize themselves, especially if they are 'good', that they are participating in human trafficking, whether they know it or not.  Thus, they are just as UNEDUCATED about law, as the next guy and that makes them incompetent in Law to say they are the Law, or that they are government, as governments protect the rights of the people.  Anything less then that, they are law breakers ad are not government.  I know that may or may not feel good, but it is the TRUTH!!! The question is what are they going to do about it, and what are you, the people they serve, going to do about it?  This is about calling a spade a spade and about not trying to make a dog a cat, just because you call him a cat, when he barks you know it is a dog - not a cat, no matter what is said or pretended to be. 


What we find interesting is the fact that a flesh and blood being had his window broken out and his body tazed, as if he were an animal, or unimportant and matter-less.  That is what the focus needs to be on.  We cannot now, especially in these unveiling days and times, settle or accept being tazed, treated inhumanely, raped and imprisoned unlawfully, as if it is an acceptable choice over the undeniable proof of being murdered at the hands of those who say they are Law Enforcers and say they are giving a lawful order, when they are NOT!!  They are private security guards working for whatever city municipality, who have grown immensely in their numbers, and in their falsehood that is strangely mixed with truth, ONLY because of a planned improper so-called education regarding law and the debilitating "lack of knowledge", of the unsuspecting people who have become prey for predators, or steaks on the table, who do not use their intelligence.  The local municipalities employees carrying weapons, are the front line soldiers stalking everyday for the benefit of a municipality, or for them and their families to generate finance to feed them and their families, all the while acting out as if they have authority over every one else's family.  They do not follow any civil rules of procedure, they have made up their own, which are not civil in their intent or nature, of which they perpetrate daily.  This is easily proven and painfully obvious upon a review of Law and a review of any so-called government entities duties in administering law.  They do not even follow the protocols of their limited obligations and have overstepped their bounds and broken ALL oath bound obligations.  This is proof positive that they are the Law breakers, carrying guns, using TDC (threat, duress and coercion).  They are practicing commerce activity and the natural people have become the commercial product, which is human trafficking by ALL Defines.  This is one of the greatest reasons there is so much resistance from them.  They have no product to sell or exchange in commerce, except to monetize and violate the rights of the people, through a paper terrorism they utilize, starting with the so-called traffic stop, inclusive of all documentation thereafter up and into the so-called courts, that are REALLY Hearings held in a meeting room and NOT in a court.  To think that many of the people actually want to engage in commerce with them, as much as they want to authenticate a birth certificate that belongs to them, already possessing THEIR seal and authentication on it, to prove it belongs to them;  is a very damaging and scary thought.  THEY created it, and other documents in a unified systematic manner, which is what "extortion and conspiracy to extort" is. You, nor your Mother created it.  Many also think the birth certificate instrument is a contract and that it has them on 'wall street', when they are sitting right there in flesh and are NOT on wall street at all.  This is because they know little or NOTHING in regards to what a contract is and what a contract is NOT.  TIP:  Instead of enforcing and / or trying to gain control over a void ab initio instrument that proves human trafficking;  Why not enforce the Law, of which the "other citizens" municipal employees dressed in uniform disguise, are violating against you daily? 


As for the alleged R.V. Bey Publications so-called Sovereignty Package, apparently, it is either propoganda to distract and de-tract from our integrity, or someone is fraudulently creating a false package and selling it in the name of R.V. Bey Publications.  In fact we recall a few years  back, someone copied the entire website, without integrity, put it in a book form, without integrity, and was selling it without our knowledge and they may have called it a sovereignty package.  This being said to say, there is a STRONG possibility that someone has followed the same lack of integrity processes, as that was not our doing, nor did we, or do we, support such activity.  The information on the site is free and if we ever were to decide to put it in a book or manual form for posterity, or otherwise, we would have original files and work-up and would like to present it with integrity.  We do ask if anyone has been sold or knows of anyone who is selling this alleged sovereignty package in the name of R.V. Bey Publications, to let us know, if they so desire to, reach us at rvbeyorders@gmail.com.  We are curious, either way, we trust to continue with our work to assist in the uplifting of fallen humanity. 


The Publishers / Writers and Authors at
R.V. Bey Publications
Published under the 1st Amendment Right


In Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice - For ALL!!!




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posted 7/15/16
Shoveling Out From the Avalanche Of Lies!!!

The investigation into the recent killing of 2 Municipal Employees / Police at Baton Rouge, Lousiana, is ATTEMPTING to point to the M.S.T.A.  and members, or a member.  The report says M.S.T.A. members are anti-government, however that is a blatant falsehood and misrepresentation, as Moors, whether in the temple or not, are upholders of the law, specifically respecting the American National Constitution of 1791, and, are aware that any and all  government entities authority is derived from that same Constitution as the Law of the American land.  As well, any and all government entities have the duty to protect, secure and preserve the rights / liberties of the people as scribed within the said constitution, with specific limitations, and, no entity can be government if they are violating the Law of the land.  


Moors are Moors whether members or not in the M.S.T.A.  It is interesting because we need to always maintain the integrity of what Prophet Noble Drew Ali put forth, however, just because MOST of the M.S.T.A's current leadership may deny and rebuke their brethren and sistren Moors, due to the confusion caused by the infiltration via COINTELPRO some years ago; no Moor ought allow the lessons of Prophet Noble Drew Ali to be lost in the avalanche of lies that are being heaped upon them, as was prophesized would happen in these days and times, by Prophet Noble Drew Ali himself. 


Moors are those who have been coined negros, coloreds, blacks and african-americans, making them a minority because of their ‘minor’ mind, or lack of knowledge regarding humanity, their own heritage, national principles, history and law (which cannot be separated), family and government.  These coins of negro, colored and black, DO NOT apply to natural flesh and blood beings.  Thus, the rallys and protest under “Black Lives Matter”, is more of an organized predatory ground for municipal employees (police), and other participating highwaymen to generate revenue even when supposedly organized as a safe and peaceable assembly. It also breeds more murders, imprisonments and some who may come up on the "missing persons" list. 



For all who think these recent ‘happenings’ are a script out of Hollywood, a conspiracy, not real, or have been scripted to be played out.  Look at this script, the "King Alfred" and updated "Rex 84 Plan"  written years ago, in regards to the 'minorities", and see if you think it is being played out today - right now.



There will be many cities where the ‘Minority’ will be able to put into the street a superior number of people with a desperate and dangerous will.  He will be a formidable enemy, for he is bound to the Continent by heritage and knows that political asylum will not be available to him in other countries.  The greatest concentration of the Minority is in the Deep South, the Eastern seaboard, the Great Lakes region and the West Coast.


It is expected, therefore, that, when those objectives are denied the Minority, racial war must be considered inevitable.  When that Emergency comes, we must expect the total involvement of all 22 million members of the Minority, men, women and children, for once this project is launched, its goal is to terminate, once and for all, the Minority threat to the whole of the American society, and, indeed, the Free World. 


…. We are confident that the Minority could hold any city it took for only a few hours. The lack of weapons, facilities, logistics — all put the Minority at a final disadvantage.


In this electrifying age of information all is being exposed.  Our message to the people and the citizens, the reporters, to all those concerned in regards to uplifting Fallen Humanity and to the municipal employees (police) who are, and have been for a long time,  blatantly violating law and divine law:  "If you are really looking for the devil in this, look within”.  We offer excerpts from Chapter 3 of the Circle 7 Holy Koran divinely 'prepared' by Prophet Noble Drew Ali, universely, for all people of the earth - "Unity of Life".


9. The higher self is the embodiment of truth, the lower self is truth reversed and so is falsehood manifest.

10. The higher self is justice, mercy, love and right; the lower self is what the higher self is not.

11. The lower self breeds hatred, slander, lewdness, murders, theft, and everything that harms; the higher self is mother of the virtues and the harmonies of life.

12. The lower self is rich in promises, but poor in blessedness and peace; it offers pleasure, joy and satisfying gain, but gives unrest, misery and death.

13. It gives men apples that are lovely to the eye and pleasant to the smell; their cores are full of bitterness and gall.


"Cause and Effect is ALWAYS in effect"

1.  Willie Lynch TEST



Shoveling out from the Lies Article - PDF

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Revised 7/15/16

If you are Searching for a better over-standing of what is going on with the Murders of the People,in the American Land

by Municipal Employees,
Read this Article:



Policemen’ Purpose ADmITTED By Case Law,
is to Protect Municipal Corporations

Leave the Natural People Alone!


No one ought to have to say to a municipal employee, that they are a ‘Constitutionalist’.  The American National Constitution of 1791 is the Law of the Land for everyone wherein municipal employees are bound by the Oath of the Union State that hires them, as any and all government and Public officials MUST do, as well and ESPECIALLY Judicial Officers and other Public Servants.  They are bound to protect the Liberties of the People and uphold the Supreme Law.  Any and all other hired contractors by any State are also held to the Law of the Land and cannot impose their private corporate policies onto the natural people. The code they use in doing so is ‘Statutes’, however, statutes are NOT Law!!!



Jus Precarium:  In the civil law. A right to the thing held for another, for
which there is no remedy by legal action, but only entreaty or request.


Note:  The Public Servants / Public Officials, etc., are holding only by way of being Trustees of the Moor / American Estate (See International Treaty of Peace and Friendship 1787) and have been given obligations and duties as described in the Articles of the American Constitution of 1791.  They however have NO Right of claim unless entreated to them by request and granted or permitted by the natural people, as the people are the government whether they realize it or not.  By not realizing it, is why things are so out of order and others who do not have good intentions, have taken advantage of those who suffer from a lack of knowledge.  They have escheated the ancestral estate and inheritance, yet they are but occupiers on it, and have no claim to it by any subdivisions of it.  The people’s position in law is “jus praesens”

Jus Praesens:  In civil law.  A present or vested right; a right already completely acquired.


 It is so very clear that the municipal employees being private security guards called POLICE;  who WORK for CORPORATIONS that many think is Government;  are WAY...WAY.. out of order and are the outlaws.  They have no Right to seek out, to probe, to stalk and violate the people and the citizens, to generate finance to pay themselves to continue to seek out, probe, stalk and violate the people and the Citizens.  Such activity is “Human Trafficking.  Where are they getting instructions to do so?  In this “electrifying age of information” the TRUTH is being exposed that they are IN FACT implementing human trafficking and genocide, murdering the people as if they were stock, at THEIR will, usually done by way of violations of the Peoples unalienable constitutionally secured liberties, i.e. ‘Right To Travel, misclassified as commercial Traffic Stops under the legalities of a Drivers License. However the driving instrument is a Federal Program for those who are doing COMMERCE ONLY, pursuant to Title 49, in the first place.  Traveling is a substantive right that cannot be liened upon, as it is unalienable / inalienable for the Natural people.  Are you a natural person, or are you an artificial person as is meant in the 14th amendment first clause, by definition.


Corporations are “persons” as that word is used in the first clause of the XIVth Amendment;   Coyington & L. Turnp. Co. v. Sandford, 17 S.Ct. 198, 164 U.S. 578, 41 L.Ed. 560; Smyth v. Ames, 18 S.Ct. 418, 169 U,S. 466, 42 L.Ed. 819; People v. Fire Ass’n, 92 N.Y. 311, 44 Am.Rep. 380; U. S. v. Supply Co., 30 SCt. 15, 215 U.S. 50, 54 L.Ed. 87; contra, Central P. R. Co. v. Board, 60 Cal. 35.



These are really elementary lessons that have been shared for a while now, however it must still be necessary to impart these truths, as too many have, and are, still acting, expecting something, and marching, under the 14th amendment when it is NOT meant for natural, flesh and blood people.  It is meant for artificial persons / corporations.  Therefore, those who are leading under the 14th amendment civil rights, etc., are either doing so knowing there will be no remedy, OR they don’t know, which means they are not qualified to lead anyone.




….There are but few people who know what the truth is about man, and that few know that it is foolish to try to impart it to the ignorant.  Although the ignorant has finished college, he is a fool right on, being trained to jump through a hoop.  The longer he stays in the schools, the better he can jump. And the more vivid will he defend his jumping.       -- Moorish Literature

Note 1:  Even the most elite have been fooled. 

   Note 2:  A bite of truth about Moorish information, and not

                 what you may have been told to believe.



We bring this forward because many think the police are enforcing Law, HOWEVER, they are enforcing policies for the corporations that hire them.  Proven with the below Substantive, Unalienable Rights / Liberties of the natural people as it relates to ‘traveling’, which is not the same lawfully as ‘driving’.  Everything that is lawful is legal, however, all that is called legal is NOT necessarily lawful.  


DRIVER. One employed in conducting or operating a coach, carriage, wagon, or other vehicle, with horses, mules, or other animals, or a bicycle, tricycle, or motor car, though not a street railroad car. A person actually doing driving, whether employed by owner to drive or driving his own vehicle. Wallace v. Woods, 340 Mo. 452, 102 S.W.2d 91, 97.


The Right to Travel; The Right to Mode of Conveyance; The Right to Locomotion are all absolute rights, and the Police can not make void the exercise of rights.  State v. Armstead, 60 s. 778, 779, and 781:

 The use of the highways for the purpose of travel and transportation is not a mere privilege, but a common and fundamental right of which the public and Natural Beings cannot be rightfully deprived. Chicago Motor Coach v. Chicago 337 Illinois 200, 169 NE 22, ALR, Ligare v. Chicago 139 ILL. 46, 28 HE 934, Boone v. Clark 214 SW 607, 25 AM jur (1st), Highways, sec. 163. 

The Right of a citizen to Travel upon the public highways and to transport one’s property thereon, either by carriage or automobile, is not a mere privilege, which a City may prohibit or permit at will, but a common right, which he / she has under the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Thompson v. Smith 154 SE 57.

“No state shall convert a liberty into a privilege, license it, and attach a fee to it.”Murdock v. Penn., 319 US 105.

 “If the state converts a liberty into a privilege, the citizen can engage in the right with impunity.”   Shuttlesworth v. Birmingham, 373 US 262.


A "person" "driving" an automobile cannot be stopped to see if he or she is licensed to "drive" unless there is reasonable suspicion the "person" has engaged in criminal conduct.   Delaware v Prouse, (1979) 440 US 648, 59 Led2d 660.


If the reason for pulling you over (hindering you) is because a tail-light is out, that is not criminal and once he / she informs you of that, their business with you is concluded. Thank You and have a good day is in order.  Anything else is an arrest and intent to generate revenue.  The only thing you owe to the public is due care.

Traveling in an automobile on the public roads was not a threat to the public safety or health and constituted no hazard to the public, and such a traveler owed nothing more than “due care” (as regards to tort for negligence) to the public and the owner owed no other duty to the public (eg. State), he / she and his / her auto, having equal rights to and on the roadways / highways as horses and wagons, etc.; this same right is still substantive rule, in that speeding, running stop signs, traveling without license plates, or registration are not threats to the public safety, and thus, are not arrestable offenses.  Christy v. Elliot, 216 I 131, 74 HE 1035, LRA NS 1905 – 1910: California v. Farley 98 CED Rpt. 89, 20 CA 3d 1032 (1971).
Possibly, the municipal employees, calling themselves Police, may not like their job if they are forced to follow the law and serve the people and the citizens, instead of serving corporations and violating the Law!  They seem to like to offend the people and be 'tort feasers' for corporations, which equates to generating finances with gross disregard of the people's liberties, while they and the corporations play a cat and mouse game hiding behind each other.  If you inform them you are not doing commerce, that you are a traveler upon the highways, be it at the actual hindering on the street, or in the meeting room they call courts;  then those policies do not apply and they are bound and obligated to respect that.  Not having the 'drivers tags' is the obvious answer so there can be no assumptions.  However, that does not seem to be respected either, because they have deceptively made you believe you must have the tags or you would be breaking the law, and that is just NOT true.  This is being done so they can continue to stalk, probe and violate you as they generate revenue for corporations and for themselves.  Have you ever thought about how they would feed themselves and their family if they didn't rob the liberties of the people.  That is a good question facing them.  Answer:  They have not cared about you putting food on your plate for your family.  

It is PAST time for the Federal Government to refrain from allowing the states and the states contractors, municipal corporate employees, police, and all other employees to participate in the ‘drivers’ administration program, as they are abusing it and using it as an open door to abuse the people, and now to murder them.  If they, (municipal employees / policemen) feel they are at risk, they ought to enforce the law and stop putting their nose where it does not belong.  As it is a matter of law that the government along with their contracts were never give any power to regulate the activities of the People, because all powers are delegated from the People.  They need a law course, not a policy and procedure course.  If you know the law, then the procedures are obvious, as the law sets things in order naturally.  We are not advocating harm either way.  You cannot violate people and rob them while saying you are protecting them.  It is beyond time for those who are participating and administering the license instrument to be truthful to the people about the intent and purpose of the drivers license instrument.  It is also known now that the driving license instrument is NOT lawful identification, as is being expressed at Airports right now!!!  Yet, so-called local law enforcement use it as the primary excuse to charge the people with ‘Failure to ID”, or with false ID, when the law says no one can be arrested for not showing ID in the first place.
Kolender v. Lawson (461 U.S. 352, 1983) in which the United States Supreme Court ruled that a police officer could not arrest a citizen merely for refusing to present identification. 

There is no such thing as “Failure To Identify”.  The municipal employees calling themselves policemen and law enforcers are using the ‘drivers license instrument as a reason to stalk and accost the people, thus they are highwaymen disguised in their corporate usually Blue, uniform, violating and murdering the people, for all manner of things that are not law, in the name of law enforcement.  Proof:


Highwayman:   A bandit; one who robs travelers upon the highway.
Source:  Black’s Law 4th Edition Dictionary p.862


The violations of law and the murders are then excused as being done in the line of 'law enforcement duty', by people who have no respect for the Law and NO training in Law.  Many of the people and the citizens think they (municipal employees / police) are protecting them, even when they watch them beat down and murder in cold blood with no accountability.  The people keep expecting and giving them an authority that they simply DO NOT have.  Who are they is the question that needs to be asked by EVERYONE across the entire planet - all 4 corners of the earth.  Clearly there is no law enforcement in them, as they don't even know the law and get upset when anyone of the people and citizens does know the Law.  How arrogant is that?  In their meeting rooms they call courts, wherein they summons you to ‘appear’ by way of threat, duress and coercion at the risk of losing property and losing LIFE!!, there exist no law there either, as they are conducting hearings, pretending to be a court.  They are Impersonating Courts, of which it is a misdemeanor to even use the ‘word’ court, if you are not a court.  At New York State, they have acknowledged this in their judiciary laws established 1910 and upheld in 2012, as follows:


Article 1. 
Short title (Secs. 1-1-a). General provisions relating to courts and judges (Secs.2-39-b).


     Sec. 3.  Use of term "court" prohibited
No person, firm, association or   corporation shall hereafter use or employ the term "court" as part of or   in connection with the name of any  body,  board,  bureau,  association,   organization or corporation, or in referring to any body, board, bureau,   association,  organization  or corporation,  in  such  manner  as to be   calculated reasonably to lead  to  the  belief  that  the  body,  board,   bureau, association, organization or corporation is vested with judicial   power  or is a part of the judicial system of the state; the use of such   term being expressly limited by this section for reference to a court of  record or a court not of record, duly organized and existing  under the  laws of the state as a part of the judicial system of the state.  Any violation of this section shall be a misdemeanor.


By Default, they are also Impersonating Officers of a Court, Impersonating Public Officials and Public Servants with false claims.  If the meeting room is not a lawfully seated Court possessing a lawful ‘Delegation of Authority’, then everyone in it is Impersonating whether they take an oath or not, to what or to whom or not.  This includes those who work behind the desk as clerks or administrators or whatever title they may have, whether they know it or not.  So let’s share the truth decided in a case law as to what a ‘policemen’ is and what their duty is.


It is NOT the duty of the police to protect you.
Their job is to protect The CORPORATION and arrest code breakers.

(SAPP vs. Tallahassee, 348 So. 2nd. 363, Reiff vs. City of Phila. 477 F. 1262, 
Lynch vs. NC Dept. of Justice 376 S.E. 2nd. 247)


Therefore, if their (municipal employees / policemen) job is to protect corporations and arrest code breakers, they need to hang out at corporate board meetings to ferret out members of same who are breaking the codes of the corporations, and thus refrain from bothering the natural people and the citizens.  Leave the Natural, Living, flesh and blood beings alone, BECAUSE.......Corporations have NO Parity with the Real.  This is a fact of Law as well.  It has been established that the entities we THINK are government are Corporations.  Their hired security guards, police men and women are municipal employees hired to ensure policy is enforced.  They are hiding behind the ignorant belief of the people that they are government entities.  Yet they operate with the same intent they have had in HISTORY, particularly and especially against the various copper complexion carbon based people found here, the aboriginal and indigenous people of the American land. These are facts!!!  The lack of knowledge of these facts by the people is the ONLY reason this is, and has been going on for generations!!  Their police training or policy training has little to do with enforcing the law.  So we get tired of people calling them law enforcers when they are simply not that from their inception and the same is reflected in their intention that has lived on in cloak into the present day.  They are municipal employees and they DO NOT work for the government.  It has been lawfully challenged and concluded that what many think is government are really corporations pretending to be government as follows:

Adminstrator’s defined government succinctly.  “Governments are corporations”, in as much as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, a creature of the mind only, a government can deal only with artificial persons.  The imaginary, having no reality or substance cannot create or attain parity with the real.  Penhallow V. Doane’s.


WHAT MAKES MATTERS WORSE is to KNOW they are not government.  Any government entity has the purpose and duty to Protect, Preserve and Secure the Rights of the people and the citizens and respect the diversity of same;  not to seek out, probe, stalk and violate them as a means of generating revenue and perpetrating hate.


Peter-2|2:3  And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.


To add injury to the insult, or insult to the injury, the people are being treated like animals and being murdered as a result of the arresting of the peoples unalienable constitutionally secured liberties guised as “unlawful traffic stops” imposed upon the natural people who are aware, and make it known to them they are not doing commerce.  Then there are those who by tacit agreement, say they are doing commerce, when they are not, and those who say they are doing commerce, when they don’t need to but think they need to.  Thus they delve into commerce and shut off many of their inalienable rights that have nothing to do with commerce.  In either cases, none of them deserve their rights to be violated and they certainly do not deserve to die because a municipal employee takes advantage of their lack of knowledge and sense of self, with a usury intent to generate revenue.  When one oversteps his lawful bounds for either a lawful or an unlawful purpose, it is called Extortion.  So you are being extorted because you know, and extorted because you don’t know. When anyone participates in such extortion, it is called ‘conspiracy to extort’ and all parties are guilty, even employees who work behind the desk and are trained to do so, whether they know it or not.  




Two murders have occurred in a 24 hour period this past week of coming into the first week of July 2016 (adjusted calendar). 1437 mcy.;  one near the Minnesota corporation and the other near the Baton Rouge corporation, at the same time the news reports about Hillary Clinton's emails, accusing her of Mens Rea.  So let’s see what Mens Rea is:

.Mens Rea:  A guilty mind; a guilty or wrongful purpose; a criminal intent.  Guilty knowledge and willfulness. United States v. Greenbaum, C.C.A.N.J., 138 F.2d 437, 438.


Many say they are the Law – right? Yet they DO NOT ACT in Mens Legis:

Mens Legis:  The mind of the law; that is, the purpose spirit, or intention of a law or the law generally.



CLEARLY,  the municipal employees (Police) are acting in Mens Rea to rob and murder the people.  There can be NO denying that most of the people are in FACT insane themselves due to their Mental Slavery that has been perpetrated upon them for generations.  It is for the People, who are REALLY the government, to wake up and unite in knowledge of who is who, and what is what. Especially in regards to those municipal employees guised as Police, as to who they are NOT!!  All parties must be identified.




Be kind to your neighbors, keep your community clean.  Life is messy, but just clean up.  You need each other, but you need each other more NOW!  And this can be over by breakfast, as it really is a ‘breakfast’ fight.  You do not need to call on a Fraternal Order of Police (F.O.P.) for protection in YOUR own community.  That is insane!  because they are a Fraternal Order, they are like family to each other, and will always support each other, even unto lying for each other.  They are private security guards, licensed to carry guns, hired by municipal corporations.  States do NOT have police powers.  When the hired stalkers called 'State Police' encounter you, they write a ticket/ summons / suit for you to appear at the closest municipality.  It is a smorgasbord of molestation agains thte people and the citizens.  The people will continue to be fined and imprisoned as if they are criminals over victimelss crimes.  Yet, there can be no crime and no sanctions imposed unless there is an injured party.  This is also how you know they are NOT lawful.  If you did not study to know, you probably don't know and you could never, ever enforce that which you do not know.

For a crime to exist, there must be an injured party (Corpus Delicti) There can be no sanction or penalty imposed on one because of this Constitutional right. Sherer v. Cullen 481 F. 945:  


The people are being treated by the municipal employees the way the modern Europeans Slavics / colonist / Union States, were treated by the British.  They were / are the slaves (Slavics) and that is what makes them and the specifically formed United States of America unique and different from any other group occupying the American land.  They were brought to the American land by the British, as British subjects and slaves to work in the British Companies and plantations.  Thus, they themselves may be in a mental traumatic state of mind.  They are insane by their actions and objectives, shown as profiling and blatant disregard of the land, the resources of the land, mixed with some sort of obvious animal nature, of which they exercise from a terroristic gang mentality and from a feigned higher authority, upon the people.  This is why they expect you to “do what I say, because I said so”.  It is terror and terroristic tactics that are being reaped on the natural people of the American land with gross negligence and disregard of nature, with the exception of dogs. They have a higher regard for a dog, then for people.  This is how it is done:

They act as highwaymen – right? stalking and accosting you in what they call THEIR municipality, town, township, borough or city, under imaginary borders / sub-divisions of an ALREADY existing  Nation.  Then they bring you to what is called a court building, - not a court, it is only called a court, with no delegated judicial authority to be a court.  They bring you there under handcuffs as if you have committed a crime, or they demand you to be there on such and such a date under threat.  They then rob you of your pennies, your property, your liberties, if you don’t get murdered by them before you can get there.  They reap terror on the American people.

American:  n. an Aboriginal or one of the various copper-colored natives found on the American Continent by the Europeans; the original application of the name.  —Websters 1828 American Dictionary of the English language and 1936.  Websters unabriged 20th century dictionary.


It has been reported that they BELIEVE the lives of the “men in blue’ are worth more then the people they ‘say’ they protect.  That shows you they have a separation between them and the people.  The history shows that their actions are rooted in a pseudo religious prejudice.  Proof:  In the Christian Inter Cataera Divina, which means “Divine Intent”, documented in 1493 as FACT and History, it says they found dark skinned people here, and that their intent is to convert them into their religion.  As a matter of documented history, upon looking up the subsequent North American Exploration, it says the following: 


European encounters with the New World were viewed in light of these preconceived notions. To plunder the New World of its treasures was acceptable because it was populated by pagans. To Christianize the pagans was necessary because it was part of God's plan; to kill them was right because they were Satan's or Antichrist's warriors. As European powers conquered the territories of the New World, they justified wars against Native Americans and the destruction of their cultures as a fulfillment of the European secular and religious vision of the New World.  

Source: Columbia Encyclopedia on the North American Exploration.


WAKE UP.  Stop trying to PLAY the commerce game with your liberties with tort feasers.  WAKE UP,  so sayeth all of the signs and symbols.


 You are being accosted and violated by 2 or more in uniform disguise on the highways and by-ways.  In fact many may show up at a so-called routine traffic stop, some are not in a regulated uniform, they are in ‘street clothes’ and consider themselves under cover, but those not in uniform  and those in uniform are both in disguise and their premise is the same.  The intent to hinder one from free exercise and enjoyment of right is what matters. There is a sanction for this activity, which is National, thus International in its nature and support.  Are you a National, a flesh and Blood being or a member of a quasi-national jurisdiction or a municipal (roman) jurisdiction?  Figure that out first before you leap into positive action.



   Title 18, Part I, Chapter 13 §241 of United States Code:

If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or


If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured—


They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years of for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.


Title 18, Part I, Chapter 13 §242 of United States Code:

Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, then are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.


Under The United States Republic’s Constitutional system of Government and upon the individuality and intelligence of the citizen, the state does not claim to control one’s conduct to others, leaving one the sole judge as to all that affects oneself. Mugler v. Kansas 123 US 623, 659 – 60:





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