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Ticket Violations
The day has come when the European will tell the truth, as they figure out quick methods of handling tickets.  This is a simplified instruction on one way of eliminating ticket summons. However it is to be noted that drivers infractions DO NOT apply to Travelers.
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Treaty of Peace and Friendship-Constitution for North America
    A Treaty is an International Law ‘Compact’ that is made and agreed upon between two or more nations or sovereigns, with a view to public welfare of those treating nations. Thus, treaties, like the nation’s Constitution, becomes the ‘Supreme Law of the Land’, and are to be lawfully recognized, applied, treated, and enforced accordingly. And the officers in government, the politicians, and the judges of every State are bound thereby. 
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Wardship Dispellere
Religion "As We Know It" Must Die In Order For Humanity To Live.
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Who Are Moors / Asiatics / Americans?
Who Are Moors / Asiatics / Americans? Are You In Denial of Your Ancestry? - Pt. 2. This books provides a level of refinement of the truth as to who the true Aboriginal Americans are. Includes a Directory of aboriginal appellations of the land and meanings.    

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