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1. Civic Concept Introduction Series:
2. Civic History / Ancient Concepts:
3. Active Civics:
4. Zodiac Science Series (Cosmology / Astrology):
5. Moorish Divine & National Movement Study Tools:
6. Lesson Books:
7. Talking Books
8. Audio Lectures on CD
9. Identification Cards
10. Congressional Records
Moors & Mexicans
Many ask "why are there so many "Mexicans"  in California and Texas, etc.  The answer is because this is Mexico-- Amexem.
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Nomen Substantivum
The essence and meaning of a name (nomen).  "Honor your Mothers and Fathers by name and principles.
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Obama's "New Beginings" Speech In Cairo

We thought it important, as publishers and authors dedicated to the “upliftment of fallen humanity”, to make Obama's "New Beginnings" speech as available as we possibly could, as it holds many truths to be evident, and supports the true intent of Law and human nature.

For the cover we thought appropriate to use the photo of a young son, on a separate occasion, visiting the white house, feeling Obama’s head /hair.  It is as if the son is validating with Obama: “I am you — you are me — Just checking.” It is however, a message that breaks down the stereotypical identifications regarding hair.



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Parliamentary Procedures

This booklet simplifies what is known as "Roberts Rules Of Order".  It was not however established by Robert.  This is necesssry for any organized forum.

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Personal Property
By Anaidah El.  A compilation of invaluable case laws - Stare Decisis, not only geared to secure ones automobile and correspondent with DMV's, as well it is a guide in securing all property.  
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The Katrina Castastrophe has NOT been told from this perspective.  Nationality and the roaring energy of the elements are the roaring energies of the People's unrest.  Needing focus and purpose.

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Rights of Indigenous People
International declaration:  Indigenous People are wise to know their Indigenous Rights, or "Rights of Birth".  Clearly, their children cannot be taken away by anyone, nor an Agency, or one feigning as "government".   See:  Article 6.
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She Redeems I

Women Are The First Nurturers— Producing and Raising Both Male and Female, Who Are Destined to Govern Society.  A Nation of  Peoople CANNOT Rise Higher Than It’s WOMEN

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She Redeems II
A deeper or more scientific explanation of the wombman, the first teacher, the redeemer of humanity.  She must wake up, become consciousness before salvation of humanity can be experienced. 
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The "7" Principles Of Love

  Price $5.00 

The Nigger Problem
This booklet explains the truth about the 'Yaqubian Experiment'.  It unveils the truth regarding the so-called missing link in the evolution of the human family.

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The U.S. Nigger Industry
A Guide To Social, Economic, Political Conditions and Repairing Families.
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